5 stars One of the best writing books out there

And I've read dozens of books about writing. This book is one of the most informational, helpful, and funny tomes around. I laughed out loud at some of her examples and they sparked some great ideas of my own. I'm in the process of editing my novel and could have saved myself a lot of time if I had read this book first. Beth believes in being a SELLING writer and comes to the reader from that direction -- thank goodness! You've slogged through books about a hero's journey, mythic structure, and lighting candles to bring the muse. Now sit down with Beth and learn how to really do it.


5 stars Muse to Manuscript

Muse to Manuscript is easy to understand and to use as a reference on writing. Daniels covers everything but specifics of grammar, punctuation, and usage. There are lots of style manuals that do that. I like that I can concentrate on a section at a time and apply Daniels's words of wisdom to the story I'm planning.

Definitely worth the $4.99 [for e-book edition].


4 stars Will get you started writing!

So you want to write a novel is full of ideas, tips and lists to get you writing and bust through that writer's block. I highly recommend adding it to your collection of books to pull out and read when you're just stuck with your story. It's a fast and easy read with Beth's signature dry humor sprinkled in. You'll want to highlight sections and keep it in your library.


4 stars Just what I wanted

This little book is full of good information, logically presented, with very little wasted information. A good value for the money.

5 stars Five Stars

So many great ideas from a talented author and teacher!


5 stars This book contains definitions of different types of alternative stories

This book contains definitions of different types of alternative stories, and is very helpful with suggestions as to how one might use them. I found it entertaining and well-written.


5 stars Useful resource

If you are into writing steampunk or alternative history and excellent buy. If not do not spend your money it is not a story but a "How To" type of book.

5 stars Five Stars

A little more detailed on the Steampunk side, helped me to organize my story a bit.

5 stars Amazing!

I came across this book when looking for some research and it really helped. It really inspired me to start writing in a different subject and I intend to dive into it, thanks to this book.


History as they never taught us in school!

The best thing about steampunk is getting to rewrite history. Geared Up: Writing Steampunk, Beth Daniels' guide to indulging the genre, is more than a "how to write" book. Her dual passions for history and storytelling come together in a way that makes history a playground.

I read this book. Most books on writing are a list of topics that I can thumb through when I have a problem. Not this one. I read it, cover to cover, because Ms. Daniels made the world steampunk draws on interesting. Because, in order to warp history you've gotta know it first. And the parts of history that don't make it into the history books we had in school? They are in here. In fact, if I were homeschooling somebody, this would be my source for getting started on history. "What would happen, for example, if ...?" is the beginning of a lot of stories. The essence of steampunk is the insertion of technology and its affect on society. Its a marvelous way to inspect the impact of changing technologies on our own behavior while indulging in a lot of creative recreation.

With National Novel Writing Month bearing down on us, it is a good time to grab a copy and take it for a flight. Mix and match eras, landscapes and reading levels to make something fun immerse yourself in. Whatever you decide to do with it, Geared Up : Writing Steampunk will be a steady and inspirational guide.

5 stars Updated and better than ever!

eared Up! Writing Steampunk is the leaner and meaner version of it's predecessor, but still packs a lot of useful information for anyone who is interested in writing steampunk fiction. Everything from archetypal steampunk characters to the various subgenres and time periods is covered here. My favorite bits are when the author discusses historical figures and events and how best to warp them to suit your story (especially in the appropriately titled chapter "Mangling History").

There are some great improvements from the first edition in both content and format, and it remains the best primer on writing the steampunk genre I've encountered. Geared Up! is also just plain fun to read, so slap on your goggles and get ready to write your own steampunk adventure.

5 stars Great info

This book is essential to anyone wanting to do their toe into writing steampunk. It is told in a no nonsense yet humorous way and gave invaluable info.

5 stars Writer's Aid

If you are interested in writing Steampunk this is a great book to get ideas from. If you are not a writer or would be writer, save your money. For writers it is worth the price and more.

5 stars A Treasure Trove

This book is full of tips, knowledge, and key points needed to write a solid steam punk story. Respect to Beth Daniels.

4 Stars Great sparker of ideas

A great overview of some flavoursome genres. Inspirational. Must read again with notepad and pen.


3 stars Story arc is a useful topic

I like this book because the author tackled a topic that has few takers: how to visualize a series.

As with many books mining new material, the effect is a bit scattershot, but that's not surprising. With so few reference books to consult, and with the length of time it would take to analyze the arcs of original series and trilogies, there is a lot of work involved. Short of a grant to finance the research, or work in conjunction with a teaching career, I think it would be difficult to squeeze out the amount of dedication needed for that level of research. I appreciate the author's work in trying to herd these cats and I do have pages of notes to guide my own thinking.


5 stars An enjoyable read!

The author takes the elements of a long running show (namely Doctor Who) and breaking it down on how each part works to do the various stories in the series (the new Who) and its success. Then you can use things for your own stories no matter what scenario or characters. A great workshop! Must read.

Five Stars

A delightful informative book on the how to use Dr. Who's Flights of the Tardis in your plotting.


 Five Stars

Awesome tool book for writer's interested in writing historical fiction.