• Beth Daniels


Updated: Apr 7

It's been 10 years since the first edition of WRITING STEAMPUNK (yes, it didn't have the GEARED UP yet) was published and six years since the last update (which DID have the Geared Up), so it was definitely time to revisit it.

And I must thank everyone who has gushed praise about the first two incarnations, too! It's been wonderful hearing that the suggestions and explanations and information relayed has inspired others to write Steampunk!

But, while not a lot changed from the 2014 edition, I added a few things and fixed the Marketing section.

Oddly enough, a lot of the publishers noted in the previous editions had vanished in the intervening years! But, never fear, I found replacements...and actually, the total moved from 36 to 43 publishers to attempt luring to your manuscript.

Other additions include a short chapter on SHIFTERS, DEMONS AND SUCH? plus we now have CREATE A MACHINE (we already had CREATE A BEING) and a section on naming things, 19th century language, and...well, stuff like that. Do you think you could have come up with a transpositional displacement enciphlercator without me? I think not! Alright, maybe you would have. Still...

The rest of the "tome" stayed the same because how can you improve on perfection, right? Okay, I'm being facious.

Now, for those of you saying, "but I already OWN a copy of Geared Up Writing Steampunk! and I'd really rather not buy it again just to get my hands on the new market listing, fear ye not, friends, because I'm supplying you with them via a separate "secret" location. We mad -- or is that insane? Okay, devious! -- Steampunk masterminds never just GIVE secrets away, do we? Heck, no! You at least need a secret password! A coded knock on the door to the lair!

So, here is what it is: All you need to do is send me an email at...

and ask for it, pretty please. I will zip it back in an attachment in reply. (Nied Darnell, of course, is my covert Steam and Dieselpunk name.)

So, now you know the secret. I'll be checking email messages (so much easier to read than those "tics" they get in my Dieselpunk tales) for those "pretty please can I have the new list of publishers because I worship at your buttoned and Mary Jane'd shoes?" messages.

Warning, you will be added to the list of emails (but not via a popup -- we do have our Luddite moments) so that you never, ever, ever, miss out on any Weird West adventure, Victoriana folderol, or Dieselpunk comedic intrigues as spun by the Honorable (or maybe not so) Miss Nied Darnell, hand over that email address!

And, if you've NEVER got your hands on a copy of GEARED UP WRITING STEAMPUNK, it is possible to make up for that shocking gap in your personal library by heading directly to the virtual store. It's far too dangerous to attempt purchase otherwise currently what with disease rampant and air quality as bad as that during a London Particular as it blankets Whitechapel! So play it safe and order online!