• Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

Character Growth

All the major characters in a story must change/grow from page one to the final page of their story (which could be more than a single manuscript away if a trilogy or series is involved).

This means they have things to overcome or something in the storyline affects them in such a way that they change their mind about something for the most part. If we’re talking megalomaniac villain, the change will be for the worst probably as they think up new ways to get their own way.

These changes take place over the course of the story, small bits beginning to show up by the middle but more as the end of the manuscript gets closer.

Time to really look at your character to see whether the experience you've been putting them through has enlightened them in some way, has hardened them, has made them more determined, or consider throwing in the towel.

It's crisis time at this point in the story, or at least it is if the goal is to have a tale merely 50,000 words in length. With today being the 18th day of writing, this could have you at the 60% done mark by the end of the day (or 30,000+ words), and that means it might be time for the main character, or even some of the others, to change their mind, the way in which they are doing something, alter the goal they have in mind...something.

Worth considering, isn't it?