• Beth Daniels

Realigning...If Necessary

The middle of the month arrives tomorrow. You may be in sync with the perigree of the Full Moon today, which makes it closer to Earth than usual, resulting in a Super Moon between 6am and 6:30am US Eastern Standard Time today. In other words, you are closer to finishing your 50,000 words than you are away from doing so.

As you close down your computer, laptop, typewriter or put your pen or pencil down tomorrow (the 15th) if you’ve stayed on course, you’ll have 25,000 words, or be half way to the 50,000 word finish line.

If you’ve not managed to stay on schedule…and I’ll admit, I have not, my tendency being a slow start and a strong finish…then math enters the scene.

Rather than attempt to pile on the words with things you’ll end up cutting later…and know you’ll be cutting later…consider realigning your daily word count for the rest of the month. Fortunately, if you hate math, the NANOWRIMO website actually TELLS you how many words you need to write each day to reach the 50,000 word goal. No calculator necessary. What is necessary is that you post how many words you have already written on the website. If you haven’t been doing that because you aren’t up to the daily goal line, go in and do so now.

And stop fretting. Do your best. It’s only a draft and the point is that you stick to writing something this month.

Lifting a glass in a toast to a successful word growing month!