• Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

Getting the Groceries

When it comes to transitions that move a story from one episode to another there are a number of things that can be used.

Transitions, of course, are important because they link the main scenes together as well as provide a bit of color…or normalcy to the tale.

Daily chores are one of those things.

Characters are people, after all, and people have things they need to do. Just because characters are in the middle of a story doesn’t mean certain things aren’t done. The fact that they DO them makes them more realistic.

That doesn’t mean a writer needs to go into detail…although it is tempting when a word count is very much on your mind as tends to happen during National Novel Writing Month, but a few can be picked up.

A phone call can interrupt or give information or supply a reason to move into a different scene.

Brushing one’s teeth can be a time of contemplation, planning, or something a character does while shaking free of the grogginess of sleep or in preparation of the day…or of meeting a special person with intimacy in mind.

Grocery shopping can be linked to a meal to be shared, or an alibi supplied.

Don’t overlook simple things as you drive the storyline along.