• Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

Readjusting the Word Count for Success

Time management is more than just carving out a few hours from your day to write 1667 words this month. It’s thinking ahead to what else is on your schedule that could rip that time away from this project and distribute it elsewhere.

It could be a work-related thing – overtime or a conference or presentation that takes you out of town.

It could be sports related – following your favorite team via outings with like-minded friends, or attending a variety of kids games…which, if you have more than one child looking for you to be at their game, is a real time thief.

But since this is November and more than one place in the world celebrates Thanksgiving Day, or has a series of religious days with events to attend, there are plenty of other things pushing NANO progress aside.

For me it’s travel back to my hometown for family and friend visits over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Actually, weekend is an incorrect term for it. I lose both Wednesday and Sunday to travel and do the visiting Thursday through Saturday. In nothing flat, five days are gone.

That means to reach the 50,000 word goal before midnight on November 30th, I need to scatter the 8335 words that would be written those days if I stayed home, among the days that I AM home.

So far, I haven’t done that. Time management says I’d better do so now. Therefore, starting today my personal goal shifts from 1667 word to 2157 each day.

This also works if procrastination (for all sorts of reasons) caused you to fall below the word count somewhere along the way already. Time to recompute and move ahead.