• Beth Daniels

Dreaming Up A NANO Day's Worth of Words

Find the idea of how to come up with enough words to get that first 1667 words a day for National Novel Writing Month (November) a problem?

Try this!

Choose three times during the day to think about your story in small bits.

For instance, while you're getting dressed in the morning, or in the shower, or brushing your teeth, or eating your breakfast, come up what could take place on two pages. Double spaced with an average of perhaps 290 words per page (1" margins all around) this should supply you with 580 words.

Then at lunch time decide what could happen on the next two pages, chronologically, or in another character's point of view (POV). This will give you fuel for another 280 words and get the story up to 1160 words, or thereabouts.

Now, while putting dinner together, or clearing the table, consider the next events (two pages worth) that arrive chronologically after the two sections you dreamed up earlier in the day. This adds another 580 words and could possibly help you reach 1740 words for the day, which is actually 73 more words per day than you need to hit that 50,000 words in 30 days goal.

If these times of day don't work for you, choose ones that do. The only requirement, if you want to even call it a requirement, is that these three times for thinking things through step-by-step-by-small-step fall prior to when you actually sit down every day to write the 1667 or more words each day for NANO.

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