There is something about approaching the exact middle of a story that tends to slow me down. That’s where we all are here on the 11th day of NANO where, if sticking strictly to the 1667 words per day goal, should mean we also hit the 18337 mark today.

Because I’ll be go...

There is a point in any story when no matter what you had planned, it seems like the characters decide they know better.

Sometimes this is good.

Sometimes this is bad.

If one of them gets the bit between their teeth and runs in the wrong direction, it’s not good. Sure, it...

Time management is more than just carving out a few hours from your day to write 1667 words this month. It’s thinking ahead to what else is on your schedule that could rip that time away from this project and distribute it elsewhere.

It could be a work-related thing – o...

It’s day 8 of NANO which means, to stay on track a total of 13336 words is the end goal.

That’s not thirteen thousand new words, it’s simply 1667 words added to the 11669 you hopefully already had.

Looks like an awfully lot of words, doesn’t it? But what 13336 words real...

Some writers latch on to what Point of View is immediately. Others aren't quite sure what it is or how to deal with it.

Actually, they're probably overthinking what it should be, which is simply the writer being in the mind of just one character.

It can be done in variou...

One of the easiest ways to move ahead in your novel is to present an ACTION and then have the characters REACT to it.

An action early on can be the introduction of a new character.

An action can be something said.

An action can be information given or discovered.

An action...

It's the 5th day of NANO and to stay on point with the goal, by the end of today the 8335 word mark needs to be reached.

If the entire novel will be 50,000 words, you're at the 16.6% mark. Of course, if the finished book will have far more words when completed (like 90,...

A writer either finds writing dialogue easy or a real pain...something they sweat out.

Either way, if you don't tell your reader how your character is acting while speaking, you don't make it easy for them to truly start the movie in their mind as you see it in yours.


October 31, 2016

Find the idea of how to come up with enough words to get that first 1667 words a day for National Novel Writing Month (November) a problem?

Try this!

Choose three times during the day to think about your story in small bits.

For instance, while you're getting dressed in t...

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