My grandmother had a superpower. She could begin a story about something, go off on a tangent to further explain part of it, then another one and another one and come right back to her original topic to wrap everything up.

I can’t do that – verbally, at least.

I forget w...

Now, as tempting as that is to follow, it's not going to help us accomplish anything, is it? Therefore, it's now time to get to the nitty-gritty.

Making writing resolutions that you have a chance of meeting in 2018!

#1 – Look at what you managed to accomplish last year...


As we approach the cusp where December kisses January amidst the tooting of horns, the tossing of confetti, and the guzzling of whatever best suits your celebratory mood, it also means we’re at the point of deciding wh...

Chaos is what sends the storyline or the characters’ lives and plans into a tale spin in your manuscript. It disrupts things. But that gives us the points we climb towards and those we fall from, doesn’t it? Just when everything seems to be going well, BOOM!

The best ch...

What sort of story are you writing? Does it involve action, adventure, danger? Does it evolve around everyday life and the more mundane but still important elements that readers experience in their own lives? Does it require research, as a historical, a time travel, or...

What kind of a story would it be if the characters weren’t moving around though? One about statues that didn’t benefit from living in a DR WHO world, that’s what! Pretty dull.

So let’s get these people moving around.

Let’s add another dimension to the description of your...


One of the plot planning tools trumpeted about in the writing community is “The Three Act Play”. You’ve probably heard of it.

The idea is that the storyline is broken down into three acts.

Act One is where the story opens with a “hook”. The main charac...

By The Numbers

Scientists claim Math is the universal language. Physicists use math to explain the mysteries of the universe. Chemists distill medications based on measurements. Manufacturers and retailers use math to figure proportions, amounts to order, and prices to...


Action followed by Reaction – that’s the most basic guideline to keep your story moving forward.

Fiction is telling a story about something that never happened, but you can use “real life” as a reference in some things. Your characters will have “normal”...

As both a writer and a reader you'd think that writing a book review -- particularly for a friend's book -- should be easy. It's not.

When friendship is involved, you don't want to sound negative even if you didn't care for the book, but on the other hand, you don't wan...

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