Who the heck is Beth Daniels?

BETH DANIELS lends the expertise she gained as a professional novelist with 30 years and as many published books to her list of achievements. Add in a BA in History and a MA in English Composition and Rhetoric with an Emphasis in Creative Writing, over a dozen years as a composition instructor at the college level, numerous online fiction writing workshops at SavvyAuthors.com and for various RWA online chapters, and the stats add up. She knows her onions and can maneuver her way through nearly any genre or subgenre birthed. She is president of The Derby Rotten Scoundrels, the Louisville, KY, Sisters in Crime chapter, one of the founders of the writing group The Bards of Bardstown, and a very active member at The Vault, a fantasy specific writers’ group. Her numerous workshops have spawned a collection of Fiction Writers Aids e-books and other non-fiction titles about the art of writing fiction. Find her at Facebook at http://bit.ly/2X60U0J or @BethDaniels1 on Twitter.

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